How We Got Started

    Years of hunting I could never figure out why we would get up early in the morning, sneak out in the woods, get cold and turn our heaters on only to give away our location with the bright glowing light and loud growling roar from our heaters? Why did we sneak out there in the dark? Years of modifying and several designs later I came up with STEALTH HEAT. The light weight potable personal heater, that eliminates virtually all light emission and also has a noise reduction system.100% stainless steal construction, this heat emitting torch tip heater is made in Michigan. This product averaging 8 hours from one 16.4 oz tank of propane, some times a little more or a little less depending on how high or how low the setting. The complete system weighs in just over 3 lbs allowing it to be transported to and from its destination with ease. Although STEALTH HEAT is not designed to be a hole blind heater it will allow the serious hunter to remain in the field providing them with hours of comfort. When used properly STEALTH HEAT can help you "CONTROL YOUR COLD"